The Great Surrender EP

by Krister Linder

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Three track EP.
Recorded and mixed in Ghostfriend studio, Manhattan, New York.
Except for "The Great Surrender", mixed in Ehart Studio, Los Angeles.
Label: Ghostfriend.


released June 19, 2013

Written, Performed, Recorded, Produced & Mixed by Krister Linder. Except for "The Great Surrender", Mixed together with Eric Hart, Los Angeles. All tracks Mastered by Christofer Stannow at Cosmos Mastering, Stockholm.



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Track Name: Gone
When we're gone
The sun remains the same
When we're gone
The earth rotates the same
You're a firefly
Approaching light of day
You're a superstar
Burning to fade away

Uncertain roads ahead
But still there's no return
No solace in the past
A lifetime to unlearn
If all I sought was dreams
Just covering my tracks
Obviously oblivious
Through heavenly hells and back

I face the great unknown
As strange as it may seem
The city spoke to me
Of capitals of dreams
And labyrinths of glass
In grids of million mirrors
Entire universes
Within us

In your fire
I purify my soul
Keep me close
And never let me go
I face your great unknown
Surrender to the fate
Bestowed upon my soul
Like shackles of gold
And everywhere I turn
The world anticipates
When I'm gone
Track Name: Broken Horses
Roll the dice
I'm going in to claim my name
The race is on
Fire away
Labyrinth of sliding doors
The choice is mine
Where I go becomes who I am

I am my father's eyes
I am my mother's heart
I am my brother's hands
And the chance
Of soft, safe ground
Anything I become
Will affect everyone
Everything I have done
Will remain under the sun

Dreams come undone like paper
Under city lights we flock to play
Broken horses
Oh let's play like broken horses

Here's my shot
Fail me not
I place my bets
Don't hesitate
No time to waste
Cover me, my hands are stiff and trembling cold
Cover me this once for I have lost control
Cover me for I'm about to stake my soul

It's in the woods
It's in the breeze
It's heading fast over hills and seas
It's in the branches and all the leaves
It's under ground and above the trees
It's in the air upon my skin
Beneath the crust and the cage I'm in
It's in the streets
It's all there is
And all around

And from afar I see the lights of shooting stars
Oh if you were only among them
I would let you go see our lives from up above
And way down I'd still be here playing

Broken horses
Oh I'd be playing broken horses
Track Name: The Great Surrender
Source of all I am and all that is
I turn to you
And know that you hear me
As I come from you
And you dwell in me too

Every breath and beat i got from you
I’m you manifest
Through and through
So hear me now
I’m ready to
Surrender somehow

Lucifer calling
The mother and son
I’m tired of being angry
And too weary to run
Madly ironic
That only your love
Was giving me space
To chose to rebel at all
Forgive me

Centuries I’ve rehearsed what to say
But things cool down along the way
Oh the length we go
Just to keep a grudge
Though it poisons our soul

There were times I thought I was winning
When I had them all spinning
Spiralling down
Oh so simple though

Lucifer calling the father and son
I’m tired of being angry and
I long to come home
Crazy ironic
That only your love
Was giving me space
To chose to rebel at all
Say how you want it
You’re all that I got
Knowing I’m free
To suffer or not
Forgive me